PVC Fabric Water Tank

Labaronne-CITAF Flexible Plastic tank is made from sandwich material selection. This material has mechanical strength and high chemical stability. Many PVC layers cover the top layer of polyester, have durable structure. The outer layer is effective against UV rays. Sanwich layers are joined together in a special geometry to ensure that the characteristic of self-supporting.
Products have many advantages, such as:
  • Easy, fast, lightweight and easy to install.it is made directly on the smooth 
  • The liquid will avoid the phenomenon
  • Sealed odor: in the case of liquid contain odors
  • Ensure accurate volume 
  • High durable material
  • Move flexibly, easily from one place to another.
  • Small size and lightweight.
  • Longevetive

Brochure product

Effecient economic solution  than the other forms of tank.
Products have many applications, such as:
  • Drinking water: supply water for humanitarian relief operations, water purification…
  • Reservation: Fire, rain water storage…
  • Agriculture: irrigation water, fertilizers, contain in livestock manure, feed and water cattle-breeding birds…
  • In industry and construction: contains petroleum, water, waste, hydrocarbon…..
  • Waste disposal: sludge and waste: Merou Stock, bioremediation: Merou Viti and Merou Step….
  • Other specialized types: transport equipment, open tank…


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