Fiblon Shrinking and Forming Machine

The product is used for woven and knit fabric,with many good advantages such as:
  • To bring better effect for bonding through fabric & interlining.
  • After shrinking and forming through the machine, the shrunk and formed fabrics are stable for cutting, sewing and ironing. So, it increases the additional values of the products as a result. 
  • Production space is reduced due to the compact design. 
  • Shrinking process is to soften the original fabric and to regulate the fabric and to keep the fabric size stable. 
  • After shrinking process, the fabric stays away from wrinkle while being washed. 
  • After shrinking process, the fabric is with stable size and the gentle feeling of the fabrics. 
  • Furthermore, it gets rid of shrinking problem. So, the quality of the finished products stays at the best condition.

Brochure product  Specification

  • Reduce the fabric shrinking problem and make the fabric tender during the production process
  • Smooth the CAD/CAM clothing cutting process with precise quality control.
  • Be free from the shrinking problem of the designed fabric as preventing the fabric from transformation. And remove shrinking problem of finished products after sewing and washing.
  • Sble type is available for special needs


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